Day 44 : Getting things working!

  1. Missed us? We’ve been having our fair share of assignments from college which is keeping us away from our blog 😦
  2. So we had some confusions about CanCan abilities and defining them. We got our doubts  cleared and now we’ve hit our aim – only an admin should access a certain field! YaY! ^_^  You can find out more about it in our Work in Progress pull request here
  3. This is freaking me out                                                                                                                                   Screenshot from 2014-08-14 19:15:46                         

          Merge conflicts! *Sigh* there’s no running away from it.

   4. Now we have to work on getting a team ( previously only a single user )  to use the                 application form. Which means there’s so much to do! Currently, our application model has attributes of a single user. We will have to change our models, views and controllers to reflect the changes we have done. Or should we create a completely new model, a corresponding new view and controller? Hmmm, requires some research and brainstorming.                    


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