Day 50 : Short update!

We are currently looking at implementing a “Save as Draft” for an application form.

Past couple of days : Made some mistakes, created a new edit form in the hope of implementing a save as draft for that form. Turns out, this doesn’t work. Because one, we already have an edit form viewable by only certain members. 2. We don’t want the form to be submitted at all. Nope, this doesn’t work.

Learnt a neat hack : To know about requests sent when you use your app, use this command :  tail -f log/development.log. The development.log file contains Rails log info. This is really useful and this was what we used to investigate what was going wrong when we were an admin and set a team to “selected”. Remember our post about accessing the current user in a model? This log file told us the parameters that were being sent as a request and we came to know that it wasn’t the current user, i.e, admin, but the user whose name is included as a team member. And this command helped us figure that out – the tail command is a Unix command that read the last lines of the text file specified. Neat.

Ooops I realise that I haven’t structured our post today, so if you ended up getting confused after reading this post, fear not. We’ll write a nice post about everything in detail soon! 🙂


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