Day 63 : Much specs, more code, such wow :P

Sorry! We haven’t been blogging lately! We’ve been busy with tests from college the past week 😦

Right, so last week I messed up a LOT OF GIT! Used git revert for some 37 commits back! But uh-oh merge conflicts stayed with me like a loyal friend. Go away friend! I don’t like you! Don’t you get that? You make me tensed and I start typing faster, clicking faster, freaking out faster!

On a serious note, we realized the mistakes we made and will make sure to never repeat them, ever again. Lots of misconceptions got cleared too! It’s easy to read the git documentation and yes, you do feel you’ve understood everything. But, it’s hard to remember exactly what to use when you run into trouble! And this wisdom comes with practise.

We’re right now getting this error “NoMethodError: undefined method `with_indifferent_access’ for ..:Array” in my teams controller spec. I have a team model. And a project model. Team has one project and Project belongs to team ( so that’s the association ). The project is not getting saved in the team form after hitting the save button, inspite of using accepts_nested_attributes_for. Got to investigate! But, if you have any inputs on any of the above two problems I’m currently facing, please do comment below!





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