Day 57 : Weeee Mavenhive again :D

Wow, so we’ve missed Mavenhive so much for the past few weeks that we decided to take a day off and visit them!

We realize we don’t want to everrrrrrrr leave this place !

So, we sat them awesome folks and they gave us a feedback about our feature and how we’ve implemented it.

Turns out, the Thread.current hash is not what we need have done to get validations running for different users ( read more about it in our WIP pull request link we shared in our previous blog ) Usually this method is used by very experienced Rails developers who have complete control over their app and know the ins and outs of their project ( and we don’t come under this category 😛 )There were simpler more easier ways to make validations run based on whether the current user is an admin or not. We got a couple of options from them and we’re getting back to work!



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